Upon entering the Bar, we found the bar, where you can taste from a cap, fresh sandwiches, hot and cold, or even a small selection of pastries. Ideal place where you can enjoy the good company of other players and establish the best conversations Golf and Pitch and Putt.


For other gang, if you decide to take something out, find a magnificent terrace where you can see the summit of Mont Vell and enjoy spectacular views of the sea. All this will eventually stop and you can really feel the pleasure of nature and of this magnificent sport, while our barbecue that follows that will oloreta, surely, whatever you want to taste our dishes.

On the terrace, find carp, where you can celebrate all those events you want, with a capacity of up to 100 people. birthdays, communions, bodes, meals or dinners, etc…

We make a suit tailored to our wonderful team of catering.

Enjoy all year of our daily menu, on weekends and holidays. calçotades, Christmas meals, and our summer amusing suggestions the highest level in our slates.

Do not hesitate and come and try.

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