No business subscribers

Green Fee Practices5.00€
Green Fee 18 holes17,00€
Green Fee 9 holes13.00€
Green Fee Lady 18 holes (Monday)14.00€
Green Fee Senior (lunes a viernes)14.00€
Green Fee Day Player14.00€
Green Fee + Menu25.00€

subscribers rates

adult Monthly70.00€
adult Bimonthly135.00€
adult Quarterly195.00€
Annual adult750.00€
Inf / Juv Monthly40.00€
Inf / Juv Bimonthly75.00€
Inf / Juv Quarterly105.00€
Inf / Juv Annual400.00€
GF Workday1.00€
GF Weekend / Holiday5.00€
From. Monthly Season120.00€
From. Seasonal semimonthly120.00€
From. Quarterly seasonal120.00€

Weekends and holidays are not paid

Green Fee Practices6.00€
Green Fee 18 holes22.00€
Green Fee 9 holes17.00€
Green Fee Happy Hour 12h17.00€
Bono 10 Greenfees190.00€

other Fees

Classes 1 / 2h19.00€
Bono 10 Classes 1 / 2h175.00€
Insurance Federation unassociated P&P1.00€
Cart rental2.00€
Palos rent / bag3.00€

Bonus 10 classes 1 / 2h has expiration 1 year from the date of purchase. After this time the bonus will be canceled.

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